Members' Newsletter

Trowbridge Town Hall Trust is an independent charity that runs Trowbridge Town Hall. It was established in 2012.

It is seeking to return the building to the people of Trowbridge as a civic space to be used by the community for a wide range of social and creative activities.

We are keen to increase public involvement in how the Trust operates, making it more accountable to its local community.

To help achieve this, we are launching a membership scheme linked to the governance of the organisation.

Our Vision

A creative, cohesive and confident town.

Our objectives are:

- To promote the preservation, restoration, maintenance, repair and improvements of Trowbridge Town Hall 

- To promote the arts and provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation

You can find the full definition of these two objects on the Charity Commission website:

Terms and Conditions

- I accept the vision and objects of Trowbridge Town Hall 

- I am happy to be supportive of the Trustees, staff and volunteers of the Town Hall Trust 

- I will not do or communicate anything which may bring the Trust into disrepute 

- I give permission for Trowbridge Town Hall Trust to keep my information for administrative and communications purposes. (This will not be shared with any other organisation). 
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